Deluxe Trial Sizes for Face

    Looking to try small sizes of Be Green Bath and Body's most popular products? Our Deluxe Trial Size packs are perfect to sample the products before committing to a full size and will save you money over buying them individually.

    FACIAL SAMPLES contains: 1 oz Facial Cleanser, 1 oz  Toner, .25 oz Day Cream and .25 oz Night Cream.

    The Deluxe Trial Sizes are also perfect for travel and easily meet airline regulations for size. In addition, shipping in the US is just $3.50.

    • Facial Cleanser: Shake well. Wet face and hands. Apply a quarter-sized amount to palm of hand and rub hands together. Apply to face with a gentle rubbing motion for 30 seconds. Rinse well with warm water and pat skin dry. Follow with Dry Cleansing Grains and Toner for best results.
      Day Cream: Apply a pea-sized amount onto a clean finger and apply to skin. Gently massage into skin on face, neck and chest. Allow 2 minutes to penetrate. <
      Night Cream: Apply a pea-sized amount onto a clean finger and apply to skin. Gently massage into skin on face, under eye, on neck and chest. Allow 2 minutes to penetrate.
    • Day Cream for normal/dry/mature skin: Distilled water, grape seed oil, org. coconut oil, beeswax, org. sunflower oil, org. olive and jojoba oils, org. cocoa butter, cetyl alcohol, zinc oxide, org honey, vitamin e, leuconcostoc,lactobacillus.
      Night Cream for normal/dry/mature skin: Distilled water, organic olive oil, organic sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, organic rose hip oil, avocado oil, beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic honey, cetyl alcohol, natural vitamin E, leuconcostoc, lactobacillus.
      Toner: Distilled water, witch hazel hydrosol, rose hydrosol, glycerin, essential oils, cider vinegar (dry and oily formulas).

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    Happy to have found these.

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    Great natural products

    I also found this brand via the Environmental Working Group website and wanted to try some products before committing to full sizes. The cleanser smells like its ingredients (mainly oats) and is gentle on my skin. The toner smells nice and doesn't tingle like my previous one (on my way to buy the full size one), and the creams do make my skin glow, they're not overly oily although I'm not sure there's much difference between the day and night cream (one ingredient?) so I would probably only get one of the two for both uses. Great quality and simple eco-friendly packaging.


    I do not normally do reviews ,but I had to for this company . My skin was different right after just the cleansing !!!! I will never use any other skincare I hope you out live me cause I need this stuff forever !!!!

    Great products!

    I am very sensitive to fragrance of any kind and that was my main concern when ordering these products. Happy to say none of them had fragrance that was noticeable. You only need a tiny amount of these products and my skin looks and feels great!

    No commitment all love

    I've been looking to upgrade my face skincare regime and this was the perfect way to try everything I would need. I really like the cleanser and toner. My face feels very moisturized without being greasy. The facial creams do feel a little heavy but my skin may not be used to them yet. Overall I was very pleased, and will probably buy full sized versions.

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