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Evening Primrose Soothing Oil

    Natural moisture for skin inflammations, intense itching and rashes. Evening Primrose Soothing Oil is a face and body oil made with 33% evening primrose oil. High in essential fatty acids and rare gamma linolenic oil this oil is a superb emollient and skin nutrient that is very beneficial in nourishing many skin conditions. It is also nourishing for dry skin and scalp conditions. It is essential oil free and nut oil free for those with sensitive skin.   

    • Skin calming body oil to nourish and soothe skin
    • Helps quiet stressed and irritated skin
    • Promotes healthy skin by restoring moisture and helping to maintain skin elasticity
    • Perfect for sensitive skin- fragrance free, dye free, gluten free, nut free
    • Absorbs quickly
    • Use on damp skin to lock in moisture
    • Customers with eczema, psoriasis and rosacea report having good results with our Evening Primrose soothing body oil


    • Evening primrose oil: high in GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which is known as an anti-inflammatory, and contains vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy skin.

      Coconut oil:  softening, moisturizing, high in lauric acid which helps destroy viruses and bacteria

      Sesame oil: anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, penetrates deeply into skin layers, high in linoleic acid, works as a cell growth regulator

    • Dispense a small amount into palm of hand. Apply to affected skin areas. Allow 1-2 minutes to penetrate before dressing. For best results use on damp skin after a bath or shower.
    • Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Borago Officinalis (Borage) Oil*, Tocopherol (natural Vitamin E from non-gmo soy).  *organic ingredient   

    Customer Reviews

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    I can't say enough about this product. Nothing has ever helped keep my eczema, especially on my hands, under control like this oil has. I highly recommend it!


    Love the multitude of organic ingredients!

    Great for Rosacea

    I had rosacea as a side effect of chemotherapy and this oil was fantastic at treating it! I would flare up with rosacea between treatment cycles and it would quickly subside after using this. Once I started using this, my flare-ups also weren't nearly as bad as when I wasn't. Love this product and highly recommend it! Thank you be green for making outstanding, safe, and gentle products!


    I'm always a little skeptical of oil products; they usually don't absorb well, or don't moisturize well. This oil, however, is different. It soaks in almost instantly, and erases drought spots immediately. I've used it on my hands and feet now that it's winter, and it keeps them smooth. I've used it on my 5-year-old, too (all over), and he reports feeling good. I'm now using this instead of other body moisturizers, and I love it. Definitely a repeat buy!

    Nourishing and non-irritating!

    I love this healing oil! I struggle with acne and was drying out my skin with all other products until someone recommended I focus on nourishing my skin, rather than slathering on all kinds of "acne fighting chemicals." My skin irritation has gone down, and my acne scars have healed from using this oil!

    Customer Reviews

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