Calendula Oil in amber bottle with calendula flowers

Top 3 Reasons to Love Calendula

Calendula is on of my favorite botanicals to work with.  It seems to me a wonder plant with so many incredible qualities.  If you're like me and prefer to use natural remedies over conventional or prescription products, give calendula a try.  You may find it works just as well or even better!

The calendula plant (also known as pot marigold but not the same as marigolds you plant in your yard) has been used for remedies since the 12th century!  In ancient times it was used for stomach upset and to relieve menstrual cramps.  Today we know that this wonder flower contains flavenoids, carotenoids, sterols and polysaccharides among other things.  That means this little flower packs a punch.

1.  Anti-aging:  Calendula hydrates skin and helps it feel more supple and moisturized due to sterols (which help plump skin, keep it thick and encourage collagen production) and carotenoids (that deactivate free radicals and act like vitamin A).

2.  Helps soothe sensitive and irritated skin:  Due to it's anti-inflammatory properties from flavenoids, it soothes and helps heal sunburn, rashes (like eczema), minor cuts, insect bites and diaper rash.  It is thought to increase blood flow and oxygen to the area which helps with the healing process.

3.  Acne:  The salicylic acid content acts as an anti-bacterial and helps clean bacteria in the skin's pores.  Bacteria in the pores may lead to acne.

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