Be Green Bath + Body, LLC formulates and hand-crafts flexible, natural, affordable skincare products that keep your skin healthy, your body safe, and make the least impact on our planet. We research our ingredients extensively, source thoughtfully and test thoroughly on friends and family.  You can trust that Be Green’s skincare products are not only non-toxic and made with the fewest ingredients possible, but have the highest efficacy.

Our Story

Since 2008 our small, family-owned business located in Massachusetts has been making gentle, yet dynamic, artisan skincare products for women, men and children. Whether you’re looking for an anti-aging moisturizer, an all-purpose restorative balm, or an unscented soap, you will love our freshly-made facial and body care products.

  • Lavender Body Lotion, Lavender Shower Gel, Lavender Hand Soap

    - EWG Verified

    - Not tested on animals

    - Green America certified business

    - Complete transparency- all ingredients disclosed

  • Picture of Herbal Miracle Balm, Shea Hand Cream, Night Cream and Day Cream

    - 3,100+ verified customer reviews

    - Sensitive-skin friendly

    - Gluten-free and soy-free

    - Plant-based ingredients 

    - Free of dyes, synthetic fragrance and petroleum products

  • Picture of Shaving Foam, Citrus Lip Balm, Citrus Shower Gel, Citrus Hand Soap, Citrus Body Lotion

    - Labels made from Fiberstone (tree-free, water-free, chlorine-free, acid-free)

    - Approximately 75% organic ingredients

    - No outer boxes or excess packaging

    - 50% of packaging is glass, aluminum or post-consumer recycled plastic

Picture of founder Karen Roche and her white dog, a Coton de Tulerar named Ruby.

Meet our Founder

Hi!  I’m Karen Roche and I founded Be Green Bath + Body, LLC after I learned that neither the law nor FDA regulations require specific tests to demonstrate the safety of individual products or ingredients.  As a breast cancer survivor and BRCA2 gene mutation carrier it was imperative that I use products that would not cause harm. I began to nourish my skin safely with simple, non-toxic, plant-based ingredients found in nature.  As someone who embraces all things natural, wellness and sustainability, I found it hard to find products designed for my sensitive skin that would not break the bank while we raised three daughters.  Before the green beauty movement became mainstream, I created Be Green to share my botanical formulations with those looking for skincare products made with amazing plants, flowers and herbs that would be soothing and restorative.  It hasn’t always been easy!  As a black belt in Krav Maga, I have learned and lived the importance of practice, patience and persistence.  Be Green is my life’s journey.  I hope you will join me.

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