Evening Primrose Soothing Oil

Evening Primrose Oil: your savior for all skin conditions

Evening primrose oil really is a power house when it comes to providing natural moisture for skin inflammation, intense itching and rashes.  Native to North America, this wildflower, which blooms in the evening (hence, its name) is famous for it's high content of gamma linolenic acid (GLA).  This essential fatty acid effectively penetrates the skin's surface while improving skin barrier function and increasing hydration.

It's skin benefits are numerous:

  • Useful for dry scaly skin and mature skin as it is know to enhance elasticity and texture
  • Soothes scalp conditions by hydrating and reducing itchiness
  • Helps quiet stressed and irritated skin
  • Promotes healthy skin by restoring moisture and helping to maintain skin elasticity
  • Perfect for sensitive skin- fragrance free, dye free, gluten free, nut free and very gentle
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Useful on damp skin to lock in moisture
  • Has benefited those with psoriasis (Ferrando 1986)
  • Helpful for eczema (Kerscher & Korting 1992)
  • Accelerates wound healing

Be Green Bath and Body's popular  Evening Primrose Soothing Oil contains 33% organic, unrefined and cold-pressed 10% GLA oil as well as organic olive, coconut, and borage oils and avocado oil.  Our customers are loving it and having great success clearing up all kinds of skin conditions.

Nancy from Texas shared these before and after photos in December and says:

"Best Oil Ever!  I have had dermatitis on my right hand for years... It cracks and bleeds and is very swollen most of the time... It’s itchy all of the time and painful...I have used steroids... eucrisa , cortisone.  Regular hand cream burned so badly! After a few weeks of this oil I have no more cracking or itching or pain! I am so thrilled with the results I ordered another bottle so I have it at work and home!"

Before Be Green Bath and Body Evening Primrose Healing Oil    After Be Green Bath and Body Evening Primrose Soothing Oil

Carolyn from Rhode Island shares:

"I have had painful red bumps under my skin on my fingers every winter for years.  Nothing has ever worked, even things prescribed by my dermatologist.  I tried this and my bumps and pain are gone!  I put it on twice a day and have gotten total relief."

Jazmin from Arizona says:

"Wow!  I can't say enough about this product. Nothing has ever helped keep my eczema, especially on my hands, under control like this oil has. I highly recommend it!"

Nicki from Oregon writes:

"Great for rosacea!  I had rosacea as a side effect of chemotherapy and this oil was fantastic at treating it! I would flare up with rosacea between treatment cycles and it would quickly subside after using this. Once I started using this, my flare-ups also weren't nearly as bad as when I wasn't. Love this product and highly recommend it!"

Jennifer from Minnesota shares:

"Nourishing and non irritating.  I love this healing oil! I struggle with acne and was drying out my skin with all other products until someone recommended I focus on nourishing my skin, rather than slathering on all kinds of "acne fighting chemicals." My skin irritation has gone down, and my acne scars have healed from using this oil!"

Christa from Delaware relates:

"I have a patch of psoriasis on my back and this oil has done wonders for me."

We at Be Green Bath and Body are so thrilled with the success our customers have with Evening Primrose Soothing Oil. It is extremely gratifying to hear how this pure and natural product made with 85% organic oils can provide such relief in a short period of time when nothing else works.

Please share your success stories with us by emailing karen@begreenbathandbody.com or leaving a product review.

Thank you for nourishing your skin safely!


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