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Guess Which Celebrity Uses a Be Green Bath & Body Product!

September 11, 2018

Alicia Silverstone uses Be Green Bath & Body Makeup Remover

Alicia Silverstone uses Be Green Bath & Body 

Makeup Remover!

Read her vegan beauty interview on Intothegloss.com

We were so excited to learn that our EWG Verified Makeup Remover is used by the actress Alicia Silverstone!  Our product appeared in a photo that was included with the interview.  You may remember her as the star of the movie Clueless or from old Aerosmith music videos back in the 1990's.  More recently she's been in the movies Diary of a Whimpy and Book Club and the TV show American Woman.  She is well known for her vegan diet and her commitment to healthy, green living and skincare.  She has her own website, The Kind Life which is also worth checking out!

Try our 1 oz Makeup Remover for FREE!

For a limited time, you can try our EWG Verified Makeup Remover for FREE with any purchase!  To get your free bottle, add the 1 oz size to your cart and enter code MKUP .  This is a $5 value that expires September 30, 2018.  Don't miss your chance to try our popular Makeup Remover.

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