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Here's why you need to exfoliate your skin

It’s wintertime here in Massachusetts and all of this cold weather can make our skin feel extra dry.  The groundhog saw his shadow again this year (really, does he ever not see his shadow??) and that means many more weeks of frigid temperatures.  Exfoliation is such a key ingredient to making our skin look and feel great, especially during the winter!  

As we get older, our skin cells do not shed as quickly as they did when we were younger, often leaving our face looking dry and sometimes flaky.  These layers of dead skin cells build up over time and often cause our face to look rough instead of having that shiny and glowy look that we all want.  Removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of our skin will help uncover fresh new cells below.  Not only will our face feel instantly smoother, but washing away the old skin cells will help allow moisturizers and serums to penetrate the skin more easily and effectively.

There are many safe ways to exfoliate your skin.  At Be Green Bath & Body, we recommend trying our Dry Cleansing Grains, which are suitable for all skin types.  They clean gently and will not further irritate inflamed skin, making them especially useful for blemished skin types.  (You mix the grains with the liquid of your choice:  water, honey or even yogurt.)

Cleansing Grains

Benefits of Dry Cleansing Grains:

  • Great for all skin types
  • Gentle for everyday use
  • Organic lavender and rose petal powders help remove dead skin cells and unclog pores
  • Cleanses, exfoliates, calms and balances all in one step
  • Can also be used as a weekly mask by letting grains dry on your face and then rinsing off with warm water

Key ingredients of Dry Cleansing Grains:

  • Kaolin: mineral rich, excellent on the face as a gentle exfoliant, known for drawing properties, good for all skin types

Kaolin Clay

  • Oat flour: natural cleanser and toner, has a mild exfoliating action and is soothing to all types of skin irritations and sensitivities

Oat Flour

  • Apricot kernel meal: ideal medium that produces a gritty sensation for facial scrubs

Apricot kernels

 I love the way my face feels after applying Dry Cleansing Grains as a mask!  It instantly feels smooth and healthy!  I always follow up my mask with our Healthy Skin Balancing Toner and a moisturizer (either one of our Day Creams or Night Creams) or a Serum (we have many different ones to choose from!)  I know how easy it can be to forget about exfoliating the skin.  Setting up a weekly regimen of applying a mask will help your skin feel balanced, clean and oh, so soft.  Trust me when I say your face will thank you!

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