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How to keep your morning beauty routine short and sweet

When you wake up in the morning is your day already crazy? So many of us are either rushing to get ready for work, rushing to get the kids out the door for school or (YIKES) both! Who has the time to properly take care of their skin amid the chaos? Good news! It is possible to  "Nourish Your Skin Safely" ® and be on your way quickly.

1.  After showering apply  a small amount of Healthy Skin Body Oil on your arms and legs while your skin is still damp. This keeps in the moisture that you already have on your skin. In the drier months you can follow this up with Body Lotion (Citrus is my favorite) to lock in the moisture. I find that the Body Oil and Body Lotion combination takes about 1 minute to penetrate my skin. You won't need to use much Body Oil or Lotion since they are so concentrated. During this time, I move on to my face.
2.  There is no need to clean your face in the morning. You did this last night and unless your skin is oily, it's still clean. In fact, you want your skin to have some oils and over washing it will wash away the acid mantle that protects your skin from the environment and bacteria which can lead to breakouts.  Apply Toner to your face using a cotton ball.  This will remove any remaining impurities or secretions from overnight and prepare your skin for moisturizer. Make sure your toner is alcohol free, like Be Green's, so it won't strip your skin of any natural oils. 
3.  Apply a moisturizer with sun protection.  If your skin is  dry, mature or environmentally damaged Day Cream for Normal/Dry/Mature skin is the one for you.   This is a thick, rich cream with zinc oxide that provides a little protection from the sun.   Grapeseed oil, a quick absorbing oil that is excellent for all skin types, is the base of the cream. Moisturizing coconut oil and cocoa butter act as emollients and will soften your skin. 

For those with combination, sensitive or normal skin, Day Cream for normal/sensitive/oily skin is your formula.  It also has zinc oxide and is a blend of low and non-comedogenic oils that are deeply moisturizing and nourishing for the skin.
With either Day Cream, just a tiny amount is needed.  Too much will take longer to absorb.  Allow to penetrate 1 minute before applying makeup unless you have dry skin like me.  I like to put makeup on as soon as I moisturize because it makes the makeup application easier and my skin looks less like 50+ skin and more like 30 year old skin and that is a very good thing!
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