Sample daily skin care routine using Be Green Bath and Body organic skincare products.

My Daily Skin Care Routine

We all have tons of different products that we use on a daily basis to keep our skin feeling clean and healthy, myself included.  I would love to share with you a peek into my daily skin care regimen!

After going for my 2 mile speed walk each morning, I head into the shower to clean up. My favorite products to use in the shower are the Citrus Shower Gel and the Shaving Foam.  My daughter just bought me a new ecotools bath puff from Target for my birthday, which I absolutely love, and it works wonders with our Shower Gel!  I wet the bath puff generously, squirt on some shower gel, give the puff a few squeezes, and clean away.  When it comes to shaving my legs, our Shaving Foam does the trick perfectly.  I squirt a generous amount on my hand and lather over my legs.  I love the Venus Vera Bradley razor, (also from Target - yes, I love Target!) and when paired together with our Shaving Foam, my legs feel smooth and silky after shaving.

Shower Gel, Shaving Foam, Body Lotion, Lip Balm

As soon as I get out of the shower, I gently massage some Day Cream for sensitive skin all over my face and neck.  I then massage either our unscented Body Lotion or our Shea Butter Hand Cream all over the rest of my body. Lotions and creams penetrate the skin most effectively just after getting out of the shower when your skin is still damp.  So, I make sure to moisturize within a few minutes of stepping out of the shower.

Day cream sensitive skin, deodorant, shea butter hand cream

I absolutely love our Deodorant!  It keeps my underarms dry in all types of weather and keeps me smelling clean.  During winter when the temperature drops and the cold sets in, the coconut oil in the deodorant may firm up slightly.  To soften the deodorant, I hold the tube against my underarm for about 10 seconds to warm it up before applying.  Once softened slightly, the deodorant glides on easily.  (In the summer when it is much softer as the coconut oil melts, I apply a small swipe then rub in with my fingers.)

Every winter when the air turns frigid, my skin becomes extra dry.  While I’m getting myself ready for the day, I also apply a small amount of our Serum to my face before putting on my makeup.  A little bit goes a long way, so only a few drops are needed to provide a nice base layer for my foundation.

Facial Oil Facial Serum

Throughout the day, I apply our unscented Lip Balm several times on my lips.  I just love how it keeps my lips moisturized!

I tend to wash my hands all the time, but over the past year I have washed them even more as a result of COVID.  My go to hand soap is our unscented Foaming Hand & Body Soap.  Not only is it gentle and effective for keeping my hands clean, but it doesn’t dry my hands out even after all the crazy amounts of hand washing!  

Unscented Foaming Soap

I also apply lots of moisturizer to my hands throughout the day, especially after hand washing, to keep them from getting cracked.  My personal favorites to use are the unscented Body Lotion, the Shea Butter Hand Cream, and the Calendula Cream.  Just another useful reminder...a little lotion or cream goes a long way so only a pea sized amount is needed!

Calendula Cream

My night time skin care routine starts by using our Makeup Remover.  It does a great job to remove my eyeliner and eyeshadow!  I then follow up with our Gentle Facial Cleanser to gently wash off the rest of my makeup, including my foundation and blush.  Once my face is clean, I pat my skin mostly dry and then I apply our Healthy Skin Balancing Toner to remove any remaining traces of makeup.  My skin is always drier in the winter, so I use both a Serum and our Night Cream for sensitive skin after applying Toner.  My skin feels so moisturized and ready for a good night of sleep!

Facial cleanser, toner, night cream, makeup remover

One of my favorite Be Green products (I have lots of favorites!) is the Evening Primrose Soothing Oil.  Every year as soon as the cold temperatures arrive, I develop painful red bumps under my skin all over my fingers.  It’s like clockwork.  They arrive with the cold temperatures and disappear as soon as the weather starts turning warmer in the spring. I have gone to the dermatologist in the past and was told it could be dyshidrotic eczema, but the dermatologist did not have remedy except for using steroid creams (which I tried and didn’t work).  And since I prefer to use natural products, I decided to give the Evening Primrose Oil a try.  I now apply it once a day just before I get into bed.  It is absolutely amazing!  The painful red bumps are gone!  I am the first to admit that I am not perfect and sometimes I do forget to apply the Evening Primrose Oil at bedtime.  As soon as I feel the painful bumps reappearing, I start applying the oil again and after a few days, the bumps disappear again!   

Evening Primrose Oil

Another one of my Be Green favorites is the dry Cleansing Grains!  I love using this product as a facial mask on a weekly basis and my skin feels so soft and clean when I am done!  

Cleansing Grains

One of our newest products is the Mask Refresher Spray, which I keep handy in my car.  I hate when my mask smells stale if I am out running errands or when I have to wear a mask for an extended period of time.  Just a few squirts makes all the difference and refreshes it instantly!

Mask Refresher Spray

I would love to hear about how you use Be Green’s products in your daily skin care routine!  Send us an email at or post pictures of your favorite Be Green products on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter pages.


Thank you for nourishing your skin safely!


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