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Using Toners: 5 Reasons Why It's Crucial

One of the most confusing skin care products has to be Toners.  I get lots of questions from customers asking what they do and if they are necessary.  The answer is a resounding YES!  Your skin definitely needs a Toner.

So what is Toner It is basically a fast penetrating water-based product that can be packed with skin loving hydrosols, essential waters, humectants and antioxidants.  

Here's why you should always use Toner.

1.  It will remove excess dirt, makeup and dead skin cells that remain after cleansing.  Yes, cleansers are formulated to remove oils and makeup but Toner will make sure you got it all.  Who doesn't want to sweep away every last impurity?

2.  It helps restore your skin's ph.  The ph of skin is slightly acidic around 5.5.  Most cleansers are a bit higher and some are very alkaline and can disrupt the skin's acid mantle which can lead to skin problems.  Toners are designed to bring the skin's ph back to it's optimal range.

3.  It can add an extra layer of hydration.  Natural Toners have ingredients that will boost your skins hydration.  Better hydrated skin means that moisturizers and serums will penetrate more easily.

4.  They remove impurities from tap water that you rinse with.  Tap water generally contains chlorine, minerals, salts and other chemicals.  All of these things can dehydrate your skin.  Toner functions as one last rinse.

5.  It refreshes your skin.  You can use Toner to wash your skin, especially while on the go.  I use Toner without cleanser as part of my morning routine to remove any impurities excreted overnight.

If your wondering will using a Toner tighten your pores, I can't find any research that this is possible.  Pores do not open and close.  They do appear larger when they are clogged with dirt and smaller when they are clean.  So while using Toner will not shrink your pores, they will temporarily appear smaller because Toner will help remove debris from them.

How to Use Toner

1.  After cleansing:  Rinse your face with water then saturate a cotton ball with your favorite Toner.  Moving from inside to outside, gently swipe the cotton ball around your face, neck and decolletage.  Within 30-60 seconds follow with serum and/or moisturizer.  Your skin will drink your moisturizers more effectively while damp.

2.  As a cleanser:  Same as above except skip the cleanser portion and use the Toner as your cleanser.  This is especially recommended in the morning for those who do not have oily skin and don't need to remove oils.

A Few More Things

Some Toners are sold with a misting pump and can be sprayed directly on the face.  This is handy for on the go use- like after flying. Just make sure that you close your eyes when misting.   I do prefer using a cotton ball for more targeted application but whatever your personal preference is totally fine.

There are Toners available for all skin types.  The ingredients may differ slightly between formulations to provide ingredients especially beneficial to a particular skin type.

Do you use a Toner?  Share your thoughts with us! Check out our Toners too.

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