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Replacement Foamer Bottles

Replacement Foamer Bottles

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    Purchase empty foamer bottles (holds 8.5 fl oz) for use with our Foaming Hand Soaps.  By purchasing refill sizes of our Foaming Hand Soaps, you not only save money, but you also help reduce the plastic footprint.  Refill sizes are available .

    The empty bottles are made of PET plastic and are recyclable.  The foamer pumps are also plastic and have an expected life of about a year. 

    Any foaming type dispenser can be used with our foaming soaps.  Glass options are available on Amazon, Target, Etsy and Bed Bath & Beyond.

    Make sure to select the desired scent for your foamer bottle label in the "Scent" pull-down menu above.  You may also select "No Label".

    Please note:  With regular refilling and normal use, a foamer bottle should last for about a year before it begins "sticking".  To keep foamers from sticking, they must be used regularly so the soap does not dry on the mesh screen and clog the pump.  The air chamber must also be kept free from liquid.  If this happens, remove the pump from the bottle, turn it upside down and try to pump the liquid out of the chamber.

        Key Ingredients

        See Foaming Soap Refills for Key Ingredients.

        Who Is It For

        Suitable for all skin types.

        How To Use

        Refill with our refill sizes. Pour refill soap into foamer bottle. Leave 1" of headspace (so the soap does not overflow once the pump is replaced.). Screw pump onto top of foamer bottle.

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        See Foaming Soap Refills for full ingredient list.

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        Good little bottles.