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How To Use Body Oil: Best Ways to Use Body Oil and Top 4 Reasons Why You Need It

Whether the skin on your body is dry, like mine, sensitive, oily or acne-driven you can definitely benefit from using a Body Oil.  If you live in a dry, desert-like climate then it really is a must-have.  Lots of people have tried to use Body Oil but give up feeling that it is too greasy or heavy, but if your Body Oil is properly formulated and used correctly, it can be a game changer.

EWG Verified Body Oil, all natural body oil

Top 4 Reasons to Use Body Oil

  1. Superior moisturizing:  Oils reintroduce moisture into the skin and sink right into the top layers.  Research shows oils improve skin barrier function, regulate sebum production and smooth and soften skin.
  2. Just the good stuff:  The ingredients in Body Oil tend to be less processed and also non-toxic. Since there is no water (you're not paying for water!), no preservative is needed.
  3. Fewer ingredients:  For those with allergies or sensitive skin, fewer ingredients means less chances for a reaction.  
  4. Works for all skin types and climates:  Not just for dry skin!  Do check the ingredients to see what may be best for your skin type.  Oils can be heavy or light.  Some are best for dry skin and others benefit oily skin.  Check out this blog post from a few years ago about the best oils for your skin type.

EWG Verified Body Oil

Best 4 Ways to Use Body Oil

    1. Sopping Wet (for real!) or damp skin:  The key to body oil is applying to wet or at least damp skin. Not drying off at all before reaching for your favorite bottle is best, so that the oil mixes with the water left on your skin, as you massage it in.  Allow a minute for it to penetrate.  Don't towel off those amazing oils!  Remember to just use a small amount.  Less is more and be careful not to slip in the shower or bath.
    2. Mist skin then apply:  If you're not showering but still need some moisturizing, mist your skin first with a Toner or even a spray bottle of water, then apply the oil.
    3. Add to your lotion or cream:  For a moisturizing boost and to help seal in your favorite lotion or cream, add a few drops of Body Oil to your palm.  Next add your lotion or cream to your palm, mix and apply to your body.
    4. Add a few drops to your bath:  A few drops of Body Oil and a few drops of essential oil of your choice can make for a moisturizing, wonderful smelling spa-like experience.

Organic Body Oil for sensitive skin

I am a Body Oil fan!  I love how easy they are to use and how beneficial they are for my skin.  Did you know that they are also multi-use?  One of my favorite things about natural products is that they can be used in so many ways.  Try using your Body Oil:

  • As a cuticle oil
  • In place of shaving cream to help prevent shaving bumps
  • As a hair oil
  • In place of makeup remover
  • To seal in moisture on your lips

Nourish Your Skin Safely.® with our Be Green Bath + Body EWG Verified Body Oil.  Available unscented or with organic lavender we offer it in a 1 oz trial size, 4.25 oz full size and 64 oz refill size.  Our Body Oil is soy-free, gluten-free and nut oil-free.

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