Shaving Foam

    An alternative to synthetic gel and shaving cream, our Citrus Shaving  Foam is made from gentle sweet orange castile soap, enhanced with moisturizing aloe vera and glycerin to create a smooth lather. Our toxin-free Shaving Foam will not provide the same lather as synthetic brands but it will provide enough for a safe shave. Shaving Foam can also be used as a hand and body soap at the sink or in the shower and it's EWG Verified!

    Save the environment and save money: now available in a 16.5 oz refill bottle. The refill bottle does not come with the foamer pump.  You must have a foamer type pump bottle to use the refill size.  

    • Saponified Coconut Oil: used for it's lathering and moisturizing properties, contains lauric acid

      Aloe: moisturizer that firms and tones the skin, healing, relieves skin irritation and helps restore skin's natural PH

      Orange Peel Oil: used to impart a pleasant scent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-spasmodic, suitable for sensitive and delicate skin

    • Wet skin to be shaved.  Dispense one pump into hand, rub hands together to create lather and apply to moistened skin. Shave normally and rinse off.  TIP:  If shaving in the shower, keep the water on your back.  Shaving foam will wash away when water hits it.
    • Agua, (Distilled Water) Saponified Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil* and Simmondsia Chinensis(Jojoba) Oil*, Vegetable Glycerin,  Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Citrus Sinensis (Orange) Peel Oil *, Limonene~.    
      *organic ingredient
       ~component of natural essential oils-not an added ingredient

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    It doesn't foam nearly as much as conventional shave cream/gel but they are open about that in the product description. And you can still tell where you've shaved and where you haven't, it's not as if the product is entirely gone just because the foam has dissipated.
    The trade-off is worth it to me because I know exactly what is in this shave foam and I like shopping from a small business too!


    Excellent product, since I have had numerous skin surgeries. This helps

    Not very good at all

    It's not useful fo shaving your face. The foam is very weak and disperses before you can complete shaving. You need to use 6 or 7 pumps to even begin to get enough. BE AWARE! they do not offer returns based on your satisfaction! I bought the pump and the refill, wasted lots of money! Buyer Beware.

    Hi Ken. Thanks for your honest review. I'm so sorry that the Shaving Foam didn't have enough lather for you. Some customers find that shaving your face in sections preserves the lather for the appropriate time. Make sure to create a lather by rubbing the soap on your hands or directly on your face to help it foam. The Shaving Foam can also be used as a hand soap or body wash so please don't let it go to waste. I wish we could accept a return but as a small family-owned business we were not able to build returns into our pricing. I do apologize for that. but please try to use it in the other ways I suggested.
    Great Product and EWG Top Rated

    I wanted to find a men's shaving product with top EWG rating which does not provide many options. I have used this product now for over 12 months for regular facial shaving. I have found the product to foam well, be easy to apply, provide a good shave and does not leave skin dry. The product is also very economical and seems to last a long time even when using 3 full pumps per shave. The 8oz packaging also works great in my toiletries bag with no leaks and I have the larger size for economical refills. Best of all is the top rating by EWG so you know the product is as natural as possible. I highly recommend.

    Excellent product!

    I love using Be Green shaving foam because the ingredients are so pure and free of any unnecessary junk! I find the lather is perfect for a smooth shave every time. I love the fresh scent as well.

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