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Shea Butter Tin


    Organic unrefined raw shea butter will soften your skin.  It is perfect for all skin types as it helps moisturize and protect with antioxidants and vitamins A, E, & F, healthy fatty acids and valuable phytonutrients.

    Our USDA certified organic shea butter is from West Africa and has a natural shea nut smell. It has not been deodorized by chemical solvents. In colder months it has a harder consistency but will melt when rubbed into your skin. A proprietary process has been applied to remove the naturally occuring latex.

    • Moisturizes and softens skin while helping maintain elasticity
    • Softens skin
    • Beneficial for skin conditions 
    • Use on dry and sensitive skin
    • Provides relief for cracked and sunburned skin and chapped lips
    • Helpful for moisturizing cuticles
    • Perfect for skin suffering from intense itching and rashes

    Packaged in a .75 oz metal tin, this organic moisturizer will be a great addition to your handbag, pocket and travel kit for intense moisture on the go!

    • Shea Butter: rich in vitamin E, softens, protects and nourishes

    • Using clean hands, scoop a small amount of butter onto finger. Apply to dry, chapped or burned skin as needed. Especially useful as a night time facial moisturizer. Use within 18 months of purchase.
    • Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*, Rosemary Extract*.  *organic ingredient

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    SK (New Jersey, United States)
    The best hand moisturizer!

    I have shea butter tins in every room with my house and use it year-round to moisturize my hands. Love this stuff!

    It really is a great hand moisturizer and so much more. Thanks for sharing your experience (and having one in every room!)

    LJ (Michigan, United States)
    Awesome, convenient tin to keep in purse!

    I love having this little shea butter tin on hand because my skin can sometimes dry out during the day. It's so handy to take with me anywhere I go, so I don't have to worry about ever having dry skin! Great for travel. I don't mind the smell (I'm so much more used to natural products now), but certainly it may take a little getting used to. A little really does go a long way!

    Thanks for your review! It really is a handy little product. I love to keep it in my purse as well and use it on lips, cuticles and hands. It does last so much longer than you would think. One note of caution: in the summer months it will melt and could leak or make a mess if the tin is opened when it is liquid.

    Ryan Sanderson (Pennsylvania, United States)

    Nothing but great things to say about the shea butter!

    Anja F. (New York, United States)
    Works well!

    It works great! Bought it for my dry hands and cuticles for the winter. Only thing is I’m not a fan of the smell. It’s doesn’t smell bad, don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue using it and will purchase again but it’s not my favorite.

    Hi Anja Thank you so much for your review! The smell is the organic unrefined shea butter. It does have a strong smell. Conventional shea butter is deodorized and the natural smell removed but with our organic butter, we leave the natural smell. I'm happy it works well for you. Take care!

    DS (New York, United States)

    As natural as it gets and a great night time moisturizer!!