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Argan Oil

Argan Oil

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    Known as "liquid gold", our 100% pure and organic Argan Oil from Morocco will moisturize and soften your skin.  It is also called a "dry oil" as it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel oily.  In addition, it contains essential fatty acids and has a high vitamin E content.  Argan Oil is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.  It is produced from the Argan Nut and is not for those with tree nut allergies. 

    • Facial and neck moisturizer
    • Cuticle moisturizer
    • Moisturizer for acneic skin and other skin conditions
    • Cracked heel moisturizer 
    • Hair conditioner to help split ends and frizz
    • Styling agent for shinier hair
    • Lip moisturizer
    • Burned, irritated, and damaged skin soother
    • 1 fl oz glass bottle with a glass dropper for ease of use
    • Use within 24 months of purchase

    Key Ingredients

    Argan Nut Oil: High in natural vitamin E, polyphenols, squalene and carotenes. These antioxidant compounds help the skin against free radical damage. Great for problem skin, the light oil penetrates easily without feeling greasy. The fatty acid content of argan oil comes mainly from oleic and linoleic acids, which act as emollients while sealing in moisture to help nourish the skin.

    Who Is It For

    Suitable for all skin types. Do not use if allergic to nuts.

    How To Use

    For skin application, place a few drops on fingertips and massage into skin on face, neck or body.

    To use as a hair conditioner, place a few drops in palm of hand and rub together. Apply to towel dried hair.

    To add shine, use a very small amount and comb through dry hair.

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    Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*.
    *organic ingredient

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews

    …great quality!

    Thank you for appreciating our organic Argan Oil and it's quality.

    Antigone Pantanizopoulos (Tennessee, United States)
    Great product

    It doesn’t smell like much, but it’s great for my hair and face and I’m so happy to have found it with this company that I know Incan trust for clean ingredients. It’s rated as a 1 with EWG and I don’t know why since the rest of their products are verified clean with EWG, but i love this company!

    Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you like the Argan Oil and that it works well for your hair and face. EWG does not verify certain products like Argan Oil and Baby Powders. Honestly, they have not been able to provide an answer to why on the Argan Oil. As for the Baby Powder, I believe they are afraid of any liability. The rest is all happily verified! Thanks for supporting our small business.

    Emily N (South Dakota, United States)

    Super gentle on my skin, mild scent. Does not leave a greasy feel on my face.

    Thanks for the review! We're glad you like the Argan Oil and find it non greasy.

    Meryl (Massachusetts, United States)
    Argan Oil

    I’ve always loved Argan oil for fine lines and hydration for my hair. Knowing that this has been rated clean by the Environmental Working Group makes this even better.

    Thank you for your review of Argan Oil! We're glad to know that you love this product for its benefits for your skin and hair. EWG does not certify some types of products. Argan oil is one and Baby Powder is another. They do, however, rate it a '1' for safety.

    a. (Wisconsin, United States)
    Liquid gold for face and hair

    My family and I were lucky enough to travel to Morocco in 2020 and buy Argan oil from an apothecary in Marrakesh. My younger daughter actually was shown how to extract the oil from the nuts and got to give it a try. My husband started using it as a moisturizer on his face. He really liked it and asked me to buy some more when he ran out. I tried to contact the apothecary but was unable to get a response. When I discovered that Be Green was selling Argan oil from Morocco I was elated. He gave it a try and loves it. My daughter and I (who have curly and wavy hair respectively) started using it in our hair and then on our faces. We love it now too! Great product for skin and hair regardless of age.

    We're so happy to hear that you all love our Argan Oil! We're so glad to have been able to provide provide this versatile product for both your skin and hair. Thank you for your kind words!