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Baby Powder

Baby Powder

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    Our Baby Powder is formulated with mild non-toxic ingredients for delicate and sensitive skin.  The finely milled powders and soothing botanicals will keep your little one fresh and dry.  This safe and effective powder can be used after baths and during diaper changes to freshen up skin. 

    It is great for areas that accumulate moisture and helps keep skin fresh and dry.  Our Baby Powder is not just for babies!  It is perfect for any age and can be used on armpits, on feet, and anywhere you need to absorb moisture. 

    • Helps prevent and soothe chafing
    • Soothe prickly heat and skin irritation¬†
    • Contains arrowroot powder and non-GMO cornstarch to absorb moisture
    • Talc free, gluten free, synthetic free
    • Essential oil free
    • 3.5 oz powder shaker bottle or 3.5 oz compostable pouch refill
    • Use within 18 months of purchase

    Refills now available!¬† ¬†Refill our old plastic shaker bottle or our¬†newer aluminum bottle.¬† Save money and save the environment by reusing your powder shaker bottle!¬† The refill is sold in a home compostable pouch!¬† To refill, see Directions tab below.¬† To order, click on "Style" above and select "Refill".¬†ÔĽŅÔĽŅ Watch the video of how to refill your aluminum bottle with captions.

    Key Ingredients

    Arrowroot: Helps absorb moisture while keeping skin soft and soothed

    Cornstarch: Soothing and moisture absorbing; lacks any scent

    Organic Chamomile: Soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory

    Who Is It For

    For anyone who wants to feel fresh and dry.
    Perfect to newborns and babies to absorb moisture and keep skin dry.

    How To Use

    Twist cap to open. Sprinkle on skin as needed to freshen, keep cool, and absorb moisture.

    To refill your bottle, use a dull knife to pop off the top of the plastic shakers. For the aluminum shakers, use your thumbs and push up the metal cap. You may need to push up and turn the bottle and push up again. Use a funnel or snip the refill packet corner and carefully pour contents into bottle.

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    Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) Powder, Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Powder*, Matricaria Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Powder*.

    *organic ingredient

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Marjorie Abel (California, United States)
    Excellent Product

    Thanks to the Environmental Working Group database on healthy personal care products, I found your "Baby" powder for use on my adult skin and took a chance. It is excellent! Spreads on the skin easily and no clumping at all. Since I am allergic to fragrances, I thought I had ordered the fragrance-free version but I received the version with fragrance. Fortunately for me, the fragrance level is so low that that it doesn't bother me. Hope that doesn't turn off fragrance lovers because this is an excellent non-toxic product. And I really love that I can reuse the container. Thanks!

    Thanks so much for your review of our Baby Powder. I'm so happy you found us on EWG and that it is working well for you. Just to let you know, we only have 1 version of the Baby Powder and there are no added fragrances. It does have ground organic lavender flowers and chamomile herb but no essential oils or fragrance oils.

    SAGG (Texas, United States)
    Pretty good

    Trying to go clean, and this product does the job, but of course not a good as the 'unclean' talc powders. Will continue to use.

    Thank you for your review of the Powder. I'm glad it is working well enough for you. It is definitely better for your health than talc and I wish you loved it as much as a conventional product.

    Jax (Ohio, United States)
    Effective and gentle

    This powder is effective at preventing diaper rash on baby's sensitive skin and it smells great too. A must-have product.

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review and sharing how effective you find it. I really appreciate you sharing your experience.

    Nancy (Illinois, United States)
    Love This Powder

    I really love using this powder! I feel safe! I asked my gynecologist if it was ok to use and she read the ingredients and said yes. It’s feels good and works beautifully.

    How wonderful to get the backing from your doctor. We use only non-toxic ingredients in our products and safe really does work. Thank you for your review.

    Thea Dahlberg (New Jersey, United States)
    Great Product

    I had avoided baby powders for years because of the talc issue. I was delighted to find this product. i use it regularly and recommend it highly.

    I'm so happy you found our talc-free baby powder and that you are loving it. Thank you for writing a review!