Dry Shampoo

    Wash your hair less often! Dry Shampoo is great to use between regular hair washings. The natural ingredients absorb hair and scalp oils so your hair remains fresh and you can go longer between regular shampooing. This means less harsh detergents to strip your hairs natural oils and less heat styling to damage your hair. Dry Shampoo comes in a 4oz powder shaker.

    • Organic Arrowroot Powder and Kaolin Clay mattify greasy hair and add volume
    • Won't cause damage to hair or scalp
    • Great for travel and camping trips where water is limited
    • Nettle powder helps with hair re-growth and helps combat hair loss
    • Brown rice flour is rich in selenium, a mineral that is known to decrease dandruff. This natural ingredient also promotes healthy hair growth and aids in oil absorption
    • 100% Vegan, Non-Toxic, Sulfate Free, Talc Free


    • Kaolin: mineral rich clay that absorbs excess oils

      Rice flour: absorbs oils and helps keep hair soft and smooth

      Nettle: promotes circulation to the skin and scalp and is said to stimulate hair growth

    • Sprinkle a small amount into your hand. Dip a clean makeup brush into the dry shampoo and brush onto scalp and along hair lines. Leave on for a few minutes and brush thoroughly. Use hair dryer to blow out any remaining product.
    • Non-GMO Oryza Sativa (Rice) Flour, Kaolin, Arrowroot, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Powder*, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Powder*, Urtica Dioica (Nettle)*.  *organic ingredient

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    I've used dry shampoos for many years. Love that there is finally a clean one. Works very well!

    Amazing product!

    This is the best dry shampoo I have ever used! Love that it is clean.

    Good Dry Shampoo!

    This dry shampoo is good! It smells nice and does the trick! The only flaw is that it can be a little clumpy. You have to brush it through to get it even. It is the safest dry shampoo on the market, so I will take the clumpiness over toxicity.

    A Dry Shampoo I Feel Good About Using

    Does the trick! I actually really like applying my dry shampoo with a make-up brush. Does leave the scalp a little gritty, but my scalp is NOT itchy! I feel really good about using this dry shampoo! I will be recommending this to others!

    blends well

    I have light hair (reddish-blond-light brown) and this shampoo blends in incredibly well! There's not residue, no flaking. It's invisible! My hair feels fresh and clean for the day with just one application in the morning.