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Hand Cream and Lip Balm Gift Set

Hand Cream and Lip Balm Gift Set

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Lip Balm Scent

$20 value!

Need a small gift for your book club members or your children's teachers?  Our highly rated Hand Cream and Lip Balm Gift Set has you covered!

Our Lip Balms are made with organic oils and all-natural beeswax.  Our customers say these lip balms are the best they have ever used, keeping their lips moisturized all day!  The Shea Butter Hand Cream is a luxurious, thick, rich cream that is a real treat for dry, chapped hands.  Made with organic unrefined shea butter, it helps restore moisture and smoothness.

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The gift set includes:

Helpful tips:

In warm weather, the cream may soften or melt during shipping.  Please refrigerate for 1 day upon receipt to reharden.  Allow cream to come back to room temperature before use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Taylor Smith (Pennsylvania, United States)
Love this set!

I purchased the peppermint lip balm, it has a great scent and has been working well. The hand cream works well too. I get very dry knuckles and this definitely helps, but I have had products that do a bit better (unfortunately those are products with bad ingredients, so trying to find a clean alternative!). The hand cream scent is a bit odd at first, but not bad, and you get used to it.

Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you love the set and the products work well for you. The shea hand cream does have that natural shea butter smell as it is organic and unrefined. I agree it can be strong and may take some getting used to.


Great gift!

Holly Southern (Indiana, United States)

I love the idea of this gift set, and I really want to support EWG certified companies. The hand cream feels so good, but the smell is unbearable. (My husband thought it smelled like unwashed clothes.) The lip balm isn't really tinted, at least on my lips, and it's drying. The peppermint might be the culprit--I hesitated because of that ingredient but wanted to give it a try. Great intentions, but these are sadly not for me.

I'm saddened to hear that you didn't like the Hand Cream. The smell is that of organic, unrefined shea butter. I do understand that not everyone likes the scent of real shea butter. Feel free to put 6-8 drops of essential oil into the jar and mix with a clean small spoon or knife. The lip balm is lightly tinted using alkanet root powder and red iron oxide and it is very light. I'm sorry that the peppermint essential oil was drying for you. If you would like to try the unscented lip balm, please send a message to